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Integrating Paypal Payment Pro (Direct Payment)

I've recently had need to integrate PayPal payments on a website, using their Payments Pro interface. It's actually very straightforward, although initally didn't appear so as the information they provide on their website and forums is rather confusing. This is primarily due to the different versions of their API that have been provided historically, plus there are a number of different techniques to access it. All I need was a simple request to authorise a set of card details, getting back a response to allow the order to either be processed appropriately. Pulling together with my own code a few different examples online, the Paypal documentation and some advice from their technical support led me to this function - which I'll post in the hope of helping rather than hindering someone else in the same position!     1   private void makePayPalPayment()     2  {     3    //Open log file     4    TextWriter objLogFile;     5    objLogFile = File.AppendText(Configurati