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ASP.Net 5 and C# 6: Slides and Resources

ASP.Net 5 and C# 6: Slides and Resources Had the pleasure of speaking yesterday at the London Umbraco meet-up hosted at Zone on the topic of ASP.Net 5 and C# 6. For anyone who was there and wants a reference, or who wasn't and is interested in an introduction to this area, I'll post a few resources.Firstly the slides from the talk are available here.And then here's a number of links to blogs and other online resources that I've used in researching the topic and preparing the talk:Intro to ASP.Net 5 from Scott GuVideo introduction from Scott Hanselman and Scott HunterSource code repositoryASP.Net 5 documentationASP.NET 5 Middleware, Or Where Has My HttpModule Gone?Understanding ASP.NET 5 middlewareTaking Control of Configuration in MVC6Introduction to view componentsIntroduction to tag helpersCreating a custom tag helperC# FAQs - New Features in C# 6New Language Features in C# 6MSDN magazine: The New and Improved C# 6.0You can even watch it if you like.Thanks to Ali, …