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Creating a Confirmation Email With EPiServer Forms

Had what probably seemed quite a straightforward request for an EPiServer site in development that's using EPiServer Forms - an add-on that allows editors to create their own forms to receive input from the site visitors and review the submissions in the back-office.  They wanted a confirmation email to go to the recipient. Of course though, we don't know what fields the editors are going to create. There may not be one for the visitor's email address. nd even if there were, how can we know which field is the one to use? I came up with a solution to this that requires some simple conventions for the editor to follow but is quite straightforward for them to set up. The first step was to create a new model for the form, inheriting from the base one provided but adding additional properties for the confirmation email details: public class FormContainerWithConfirmationEmailBlock : FormContainerBlock, IHasConfirmationEmail { [Display( Name =

Personalisation Packages in Umbraco

Had the pleasure of giving a talk at the Umbraco Codegarden 2016 festival this week, along with Theo Paraskevopoulos of Growcreate . As mentioned at the time have collected here links to the slides and various resources mentioned during the session. Firstly the presentation itself can be viewed here . The Personalisation Groups package can be downloaded from here and the source code is up on Github . And you can read more about and download Pipeline CRM here .