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Umbraco 5 Surface Controller

In a recent post I blogged my first steps in creating plugins for Umbraco 5 - creating a tree and editor using a custom hive provider for a third party database, in order to present and edit information within the Umbraco back office. I noted how the information could also be made available on the front-end of the site by writing code within the razor view template. Whilst that worked, it wasn't very satisfactory and certainly wasn't the MVC way with too much code and logic in the view. Since then the project has moved on and details have been made available for working with surface controllers . They can be created both directly within the Umbraco project in VS.Net or as plugins. Creating a Surface Controller To create a surface controller for use in a plug-in you create a class within a project with a reference to System.Web.Mvc and Umbraco.CMS.Web , with the following setup: Inherits from SurfaceController Named with a suffix of "SurfaceController" Has a class