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Codegarden 2012 and Umbraco 5

Last week I attended Codegarden – the annual conference for the developers using the open source .Net CMS Umbraco held in Copenhagen. It’s probably fair to say that it’s not a typical technical conference. Rather more beer, bingo and unicyclists dressed as Darth Vadar playing the bagpipes than you might usually find. Those aspects weren’t completely unexpected though. It was our first time at the conference but we’d had prior notice of the Danish take on Monty Python surrealist humour found during some of the “extra-curricular” sessions. What was more of a surprise though was the announcement in the keynote – that they were scrapping development of the new version of Umbraco . I have been following the progress of version 5 quite closely – working with it with colleagues in test projects and making some small contributions to its development. Although after its release a few months ago some issues were becoming apparent from reports of those using it; to take a call to aban