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A quick post on view model mapping

I had a question about options for mapping Umbraco content to view models come up today, and given my response in Slack was getting a bit long and I'm sure I'll need to refer to it again, decided to create a post instead. So what follows is a quick summary of the history and options for adopting a pattern of mapping Umbraco content to a strongly typed view model. It's not intended to be fully comprehensive... am just saving my keystrokes . Around the time of Umbraco 6 or 7, some colleagues and I from Zone released Umbraco Mapper , which used a combination of convention and configuration to allow for these mapping operations to be made in code. We used it in a fair few projects and liked the approach, and, judging from some feedback, a number of others from the Umbraco community did too. Just after, though likely in use or development concurrently, was Ditto released by Lee Kelleher and Matt Brailsford. This did a similar job, and it gained a fair bit of traction in