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To View Model or not to View Model?

Up to now in developing web applications using ASP.Net MVC I've eschewed the use of View Models and have simply passed my Domain Model objects into views, along with supplementary information as needed in the ViewData Dictionary . This technique allows the domain model object to be be made available in a strongly typed manner within the view, and to use model binding to put the object back together following form posts for create and update methods. Certainly for the scale of application I've built so far this works just fine. In cases where I want to use additional information passed in the loosely typed ViewData dictionary, I'm able to cast to a typed variable at the top of the view in order to use it in a strongly typed manner from then on. And if I've needed to pass additional information back from my form posts, these can be added as additional parameters to the controller action set up to receive the post. The following code illustrates this. The first meth