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Umbraco Core Contributions Via Github

Umbraco CMS have recently moved their source code from CodePlex to Github which has triggered a flurry of contributions in the form of pull requests. Previously I had made a few small contributions to the project whilst on Codeplex and have now submitted some to Github. Whilst GitHub is very easy to use and has excellent documentation I managed to get in a bit of a tangle trying to manage different issues, so mostly for my own future benefit, am noting two working processes here. If anyone else reads, first port of call should be the Umbraco contribution documentation and GiHub's own help pages on forking and pull requests . One issue is that like other source control hosts, only one pull request can be submitted per branch. In order to keep things simple for the person on the other end, it makes sense not to combine several issues into one pull request. Hence coding the first issue in master branch, pull requesting, and then trying to move onto a second in master branch

Using PhoneGap Build with a Durandal SPA

Been spending a bit of time recently looking at JavaScript frameworks, and having a prototype project avaialble as an excuse to work on something, built a small application using Durandal . Have been concious recently that my front-end code wasn't nearly as structured and well organised as that I would write on the server side, and found this a great library for helping organise this code into modules. It also utilises knockout for UI binding via view models and views. Mostly the app runs as a SPA, though the prototype had an additional requirement to support offline access on devices. To support that I planned to package up the app using PhoneGap . That's the background... mainly though for this blog post wanted to record some links and notes for getting set up with this framework, and in particular the phonegap build service . Firstly I looked to use local PhoneGap. To get running found a couple of handy links: From PhoneGap themselves And from Clean Code Devel