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OAuth Integration for Umbraco Packages

In working through the development of an Umbraco integration recently, I had a need to setup an OAuth authentication process to secure access to an API. At first glance, not too tricky – the provider had a well documented process to follow. However I ran into a few challenges when considering how this process can work for an Umbraco package – i.e. an integration that’s not for a single website, but for many, and for ones we don’t know the domains for at the time of configuration. All in all it seemed worth a blog post. The integration Specifically, the integration I was working on was one between Umbraco Forms and HubSpot, the CRM platform. We wanted to have a custom workflow that editors could add to a form, map the fields in the form to the fields defined on a “contact” record at HubSpot, and then, when a form is submitted, use the available APIs to map save the form submission data as a HubSpot contact. My colleague Warren worked on the original integration, which we released