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Umbraco Forms Migration to .NET Core

Over the past couple of weeks at Umbraco HQ we've been working on the migration of the Forms package to V9 and .NET Core. I've been blogging recently on the topic, where I've shared articles on various aspects of the work needed and changes found in migrating an open-source package. Unsurprisingly though, that didn't cover everything a package developer might encounter, so I thought it was worth an addendum or two on some further topics found in the Forms migration. Source Code and Branching Most developers with a package out for V8 are unlikely to be able to simply call it "done" and start a new repository for V9 - and Forms in no exception. Broadly we expect to align the package with the CMS plans for long-term support , and so we'll still be making bug fixes and, for a while, adding features to the V8 version. I suspect different developers will adopt different approaches here, so whilst your mileage may vary, this is how we've approached