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Creating a dynamic, multi-source, search enabled TreeList for Sitecore

I spent a partially frustrating but ultimately reasonably successful day recently looking to extend a Sitecore editorial control to add some functionality that would be of benefit to our editors. Our starting point was the built in TreeList control that we were using to allow editors to select images for a carousel. With this we can set a source to limit the selections to an appropriate location in the media library tree. That did the job for the initial release of the feature but we then had to handle some additional requirements, as follows. We need to allow editors to select from two locations, not just one. Specifically they were selecting images for display on a page on a house-builder's website, with the page showing a house that's of a particular type and found on a particular site. So images for the site and the house type were appropriate, and these were stored in different folders. We needed to dynamically set the source of these locations, so they were pic