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Adding and Deleting Criteria

This is one of a series of posts looking at migrating Umbraco packages to Umbraco 14 and the new backoffice. Other posts in this series: Introduction Upgrading to Umbraco 14 Preview Creating a Property Editor With Umbraco 14 Adding and Deleting Criteria As of last time I posted in this series, I had a partially working property editor for Personalisation Groups. It could display the information stored against the property, and I'd solved a couple of challenges around retrieving external data and injecting scripts dynaically at runtime. There's not been too much progress since, but I've picked up a few more things along the way that I'll include as a bit of a "grab-bag" in this post. First step to make the data editable was wiring up some button clicks. In angularjs we are used to: <button type="button" ng-click="delete($index)">Delete</button> With Lit, the syntax is: <button type="b