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Creating an Umbraco 5 Hive Provider with Custom Tree and Editor Plugin

Having used Umbraco CMS on a couple of projects in the past and been very impressed with it, I’ve been keen to follow progress on version 5 (or “Jupiter”) – a rewrite of the code-base to use ASP.Net MVC . In particular I’ve been looking recently at some of the extension points of the platform. One of these is building upon the data access abstraction layer that is being developed for Umbraco 5 – known as Hive . Umbraco itself will use NHibernate for data access, but via the Hive abstraction. The idea is that this default data access method could be swapped out – but perhaps more importantly by building a hive provider developers can expose other data sources to their Umbraco templates and back office. The back-office itself is also very pluggable, with the various node trees and editor interfaces also being extendable with your own custom implementations. In light of this I’ve been looking at a small project to create a hive provider for a custom database , along with a custom tr