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DDD, CQRS and testing with ASP.Net MVC: Slides and References

Just had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the Web European Conference in Milan. For anyone that attended my talk, or any that didn't but were tempted more by another session, here's some links to slides and references. Slides can be found here at And here's a few links to blog posts I've written before on the subject: CQRS, Rich Domains and Unit Testing with ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework A CQRS Implementation with ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework Rich Domain Models and Entity Framework Unit Testing Entity Framework with Effort A few references to sources I used in researching and constructing the presentation: Rob Conery's post on working with Entity Framework and repositories got me thinking about how best to work with the ORM in my application. Jimmy Bogard's series of posts on cleaning up your controllers led me to a version of the mediator/CQRS pattern he outlines. Adam Tibi provided a direct implementation o