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Interactive "Over-by-Over" Reports using the Guardian Open API

I recently applied for and was given a developer key for the Guardian Open Platform, an initiative from the Guardian newspaper to make available content and data for use by other developers and websites.

My idea was to pull in data from their excellent, and humourous, "over-by-over" coverage of the Ashes cricket, to display on an interactive chart. You would be able to select a particular batsmen and match, view their innings graphically and be able to hover over each over to see the score, state of play and commentary from the time.

And I'm pleased to say it came together very well. Please click to view the result - interactive over-by-over reports - and let me know your thoughts.

Finally, I've also set up a related blog post if you are interested in how it was put together.


  1. Nifty work... shame it falls over when the commentary turns to ball-by-ball at crucial moments, though. Thought I'd have a go at reliving the end of the Cardiff test by looking at Panesar in the second innings, but it only shows his figures for six overs, ending at the 99th over of the innings. (Incidentally, I think it would be nice to have the over number in the 'over details' bar too.)


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