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Gotcha with Updating .Net Core Using VS.Net 2017

A little while back I put together a very basic ASP.Net Core application and blogged about my first impressions in transitioning from "classic" ASP.Net - can we call it that now?! - here.

Just today thought would be a good idea to update it to the latest version, particular the change in the format of the project file from JSON (project.json) to XML (.csproj). With VS.Net 2017 this was very straightforward, but I found one gotcha that may or may not affect others, so thought would record it here.

When opening the project - originally created in VS.Net 2015 - in VS.Net 2017 a message comes up saying a one-way update needs to happen. I let that complete and it ran successfully. Unfortunately after that VS.Net froze. Closing and restarting the application a few times didn't seem to help - after a few seconds the IDE became unusable and had to be stopped using Task Manager.

The issue seemed to be with a hidden .vs folder that VS.Net creates, containing various developer/machine specific settings. Deleting that - it gets recreated automatically - resolves the problem.