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Streaming mp3s from Azure blob storage gotcha

Have been wrestling with an issue one and off for a few weeks where have found mp3 files that previously played correctly in a web browser were having some issues relating to streaming. There's an example here. What I found - hopefully resolved now if you try the link - was that the audio would play, but the play bar that updates the position on the track wouldn't move, nor could the user navigate to parts of the audio to review it.

We're using jplayer and have the mp3 files hosted in Azure blob storage. All had worked fine for several years, but recently could see this issue on Chrome, even though they still played as expected in Edge. So must have been related to a relatively recent Chrome update.

The resolution though turned out to be a setting on the blob storage account, that I was led to via this Stackoverflow answer, that indicated setting the DefaultServiceVersion to an appropriate value might resolve it. And sure enough, when querying the current value I found it was null. Setting it to 2013-08-15 (and perhaps more recent versions) restored the play bar and streaming behaviour.